“…Tell the truth first, and it’s the truth that motivates you to understand what it will take to recover, repair, endure—to reconcile…”

—Bryan Stevenson

Founders share the importance of Truth and its connection to Reparation Generation

Bearing witness helps us process our experiences, build solidarity, and begin to repair our relationships and our national racial divide. In our storytelling podcast, we pair up Black and White Americans to honestly discuss their experiences and seek understanding and reconciliation by exploring their truths together.

A Different Kind of Grief: How Racism Shapes Family Legacies

Founders Kiko Davis Snoddy, Trustee of the Donald Davis Living Trust and current Managing Director of Groovesville Productions, and David Mayer, Founder and President of Mayer Laboratories, Inc, a North American medical device company, and the founder of Berkeley Housing Opportunities for Municipal Employees (BeHOME), discuss how losing loved ones triggered personal explorations of racial injustice and inequality in their lives and share their goals for reconciliation.

No Pain, No Gain: Forging Through Uncomfortable Conversations to Effect Sustainable Change

Founders Xylinda Smith, a pharmaceutical and medical device sales and marketing professional, and Jeffrey Glaser, a senior executive at Sony Pictures Television, share their experiences of otherness and privilege and reflect on the ways in which racism harms every American.

A Feeling of Knowing: Experiencing and Bearing Witness to Racism

Founders Ian Conyers, former Michigan State Senator and business consultant for startup ventures, and Karen Hughes, Project Director for UC Berkeley University Health Services – Health Promotion Unit, discuss the experiences that spurred their participation in Reparation Generation and their personal journeys in reckoning with racism, privilege, and oppression.

Have a Story to Tell?

We will match you with another participant and provide general questions to facilitate a successful storytelling session. Our hope is that openly discussing race and injustice will unite us in truth and lay the foundation for true reconciliation.