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Financially Supporting Our Pilot Program:

Your contribution helps make reparative transfers for Black Americans to own a home. These transfers are part of our pilot program that will demonstrate what reparations look like, and can achieve as we pursue our goal of the enactment of a federal Reparations Act. Thank you for financially supporting this initiative.


From funding our initiatives to sharing your story, you can help Reparation Generation bring Americans together to remedy injustice and inequity. 


  • Fund Direct Reparative Transfer 
  • Read/watch “Inspiration” resources on RG website
  • Listen to “Truth-Telling” episodes on RG website
  • Share the RG website with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers
  • Educate and inform policymakers about civic need and support for reparations
  • Complete RG questionnaire & follow up conversation after making a Reparative Transfer